Home Security: Steps to Take if You Are at Home During a Break-In


A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. Most burglaries happen during the day when homeowners are at work, but occasionally a break-in will take place at night when someone is home. Being at home during a break-in is a frightening and dangerous concept, but knowing what actions to take can help keep you safe.

React Quickly

The first thing you should do is to flee if possible. If you are able to escape through a window, do so immediately and then call for help once you are safely outside.

In the event you cannot escape, you must put a barrier between you and the intruder. Lock your door or place heavy furniture in front of it to prevent the burglar from entering. Alternately, you may also go into an interior closet and lock the door behind you if possible. Take your cell phone with you so you can notify the authorities (just be sure to do so as discreetly as possible), and remain there until help arrives.

When You Encounter An Intruder

Should you encounter a burglar face to face, what you do in the first 30 seconds will likely determine how violent the situation becomes. To ensure your safety, you should:

  • Tell the intruder you intend to fully cooperate
  • Raise your hands to about shoulder height so they are visible at all times
  • Refrain from yelling or cursing
  • Avoid making any sudden movements

Do not make direct eye contact with a burglar. This only increases the odds of violence, as many will see this as a sign of aggression or worry about the possibility of you identifying him later.

Consider a Home Security System

Your best odds of surviving a home invasion come when you have a security plan in place ahead of time. Aside from making a plan, you should also consider installing a home security system so that your property is less attractive to burglars. To learn more about the benefits of a home security system, please contact us.