Home Security Experts in Greenville, SC: Protect Yourself Against Scams

home security system scammer knocking on door

Spring and summer mean warmer weather and tons of fun. However, these seasons are also prime seasons for potential threats and scams. The home security system experts in Greenville, South Carolina, want to help you remain alert. We want to help protect your family from a home security system scam. As a homeowner, it is important for you to know about the various sales tactics that can be used by someone who wants to gain access to your home or your financial accounts.

Posing As Security Representatives

Be aware of anything that seems suspicious, such an unfamiliar face posing as a security alarm representative who wants to access your current alarm system or who wants to enter your home. Unfortunately, some misleading tactics are used to gain the attention of an unsuspecting homeowner. These sales tactics can convince someone to allow a person into their home, give them access to their alarm system, or share financial information.

While there are reputable and trustworthy home security providers, some salespeople will target homeowners who already have a home security alarm system. Someone can pose as a representative for one security alarm provider and use misleading information to obtain a homeowner’s signature. After the signature has been obtained, the homeowner will be tied to a different alarm system contract.

ProTec Security Systems wants you to be cautious of anyone who exhibits the following behavior:

  • Attempts to convince you that you need to sign new documents
  • Provides you with different contact details than you received when you purchased the system
  • Does not provide any contact information
  • Tries to gain access to your alarm system
  • Tries to pressure you into signing a document; not allowing you time to think it over
  • Suggests that your need to pay for an upgrade of your home security system

If You Suspect a Scam

If you suspect any fraudulent activity or suspicious behavior, we encourage you to contact your home security provider and the local authorities. We know that not every door-to-door salesperson has bad intentions, but it is always a good thing to know what suspicious behavior looks like. We hope that we can continue providing you with more tips and advice so you will be prepared if someone knocks on your door and attempts to scam you. Contact our home security system experts at ProTec to learn more about securing your home. You can also request a free home security system quote and receive a $20 Lowe’s gift card.