Home Break-Ins: A Top Property Crime

property crime taking place without a home security system

Property crime in the United States includes every instance of theft or illegal destruction of property with no force against the victim. A home break-in is one of the top property crimes committed across America. A burglary attempt can occur nearly every 30 seconds in the United States. This means two burglaries or burglary attempts can happen every 60 seconds and over 3,000 each day.

Protecting Your Home

Despite the number of burglaries that can occur in a single day, less than 30 percent of homeowners have a home security system. If your home is burglarized, you can lose thousands of dollars after one break-in. In addition to the amount of money you can lose after a break-in, you can also lose the sense of peace you once had while being in your home.

A break-in can take a huge mental and emotional toll on its victims. You will have to recover from the monetary losses you suffered, and you will have to recover from the loss of losing money, possessions, and your sense of safety. The significant impact of a home break-in makes it one of the most feared crimes in the United States.

Safety As a Lifestyle

Many homeowners have the most significant concern about someone breaking into the home when everyone is gone. Homeowners are also fearful of having someone break into their home while everyone is asleep. Home break-ins can cause more fear than having someone steal their vehicle in a parking lot.

We never want to see anyone suffer emotionally, financially, or mentally because of a break-in, and this is why we stress the importance of a home security system. Safety should be a lifestyle; it should not be something you only think about after something bad has taken place. Homes without a home security system have a higher break-in rate. On the other hand, some homeowners have a home security system but rarely use it.

You can purchase a home security system that will offer 24/7 monitoring, motion detectors, alarm sensors, alarm notifications, and more. There are too many people who wait to find a home security system because they feel their home will never be burglarized. Do not put off purchasing a home security system. It is easy to think that this type of crime only happens to people you do not know. A break-in can happen to anyone.

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