How Glass Break Detectors Can Complete Your Home Security System


Thieves use a variety of methods for entering a home, including slipping in through a hidden window or breaking a sliding glass door in the back of the home. Home security systems can offer protection through the use of a glass break detector. These devices use a small microphone to detect sudden vibration or noises that are attributed to glass breaking. When the sensor is triggered the authorities will be notified.

Is It Right For You?

Peace of mind knowing you’re protected in every possible way is worth any price. Doors and windows being locked might not be enough to deter possible thieves from breaking and entering. Glass break detectors can minimize your security risk and help keep you safe.

Where Do They Go?

Glass break detectors usually go in the corner of the window you want to protect, but there are other options. In some cases, the glass break detectors won’t have to be visible to you, or potential thieves. Many of these devices can detect glass breaking from several feet away!

The Cost:

The cost of these glass break detectors vary. Cost is factored by how many you’d like installed, and the level of protection that you’d like to have. If you’re thinking about installing glass break detectors then you should also consider looking into other features that a home security  system has to offer.

Starting at just $99, ProTec Security Systems can help you protect your home and belongings. If you’d like a free estimate, or just have questions about home security and glass break detectors, please contact us today!