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Since you are reading this, there is no doubt that the safety and security of your family and home are a top priority. That’s because no matter how safe the neighborhood or the current crime rates, when crime hits your home, it is 100%. That is reason enough to consider the advantages home security systems can provide. However, You’ll be glad to discover that ProTec offers technologies and services that go beyond pure security.

Monitored Home Security

Monitored home security uses a combination of technologies such as locks, motion sensors, glass break detectors, video cameras, smoke and heat detection, carbon monoxide detection, and monitoring. Powered by, you always have complete control and visibility via smart touch keypads and even remotely via your smartphone and app.

Life safety features such as smoke and heat detectors can provide the earliest possible warning in the case of fire, and carbon monoxide detectors can alert you to the presence of dangerous gas. Motion sensors can also help provide important insights into the activities within a home so you can monitor the safety of loved ones, such as aged family members, who might be home alone.

For most homes, simply having a security system is not enough. While alarms can provide early warning, in many emergencies, residents are not home or cannot call for help themselves. With monitored home security, you never have to worry. Even if you are not home, unable to call for help, or nobody is around to hear the alarm, once the alarm is triggered, a team of security professionals immediately activates a response from emergency services.

Energy Management

More than 70% of homes in Greenville and the surrounding areas use electricity to both heat and cool their homes. According to Energy.SC.GOV, South Carolina residents have an average monthly electricity bill of $144.73. By implementing energy-saving smart home technology, that bill is drastically reduced. Independent tests confirm that’s ENERGY STAR® Certified Smart Thermostat can save between 15 and 23% of the energy it normally takes to regulate the temperature of your home.

Energy management technologies allow you to connect, control, customize, and optimize your efficiencies through a wide range of connected devices. You can achieve monumental savings goals by connecting and strategically controlling lighting, shades, power-hungry appliances, and electronics.

Video Monitoring

Protecting the perimeter is important, even in home security. Video monitoring uses powerful analytics to detect suspicious activity and alert security specialists. Homeowners and authorities are alerted, and help is on the way.  Of course, an additional advantage is that you can always receive activity alerts and log on to view live videos.

Meter-Based Whole House Surge Protection

Sensitive electronics and appliances fill today’s homes. Many of them can become damaged or ruined by even the slightest surge in electricity. ProTec Surge Protection’s meter-based surge suppressors, hardwire surge suppressors, and secondary surge protectors provide an added measure to ensure your electrical equipment is as safe as possible.

Appliance Protection

Another important way to protect your home and family is by protecting yourself from costly unexpected appliance repair bills. ProTec helps residents avoid the cost and hassles by offering a 24-hour Appliance/HVAC Total Protection Program. We offer dependable priority service and expert repair on every covered appliance. The program offers complete transparency and covers a wide range of appliances, gas, electric, and heating systems. It will never cost more than $25 for a call and includes our $10 on-time guarantee.

Even More Perks:

We all know about scammy appliance protection programs, and we hate them, too. As your local provider, we provide the kind of service we’d be proud to offer family and friends—honest, reliable, and packed with benefits.

  • $150 credit toward the purchase of a new unit if the old cannot be repaired or the cost of repair exceeds the unit’s value.
  • 24-hour Appliance Protection Hotline
  • $20 Lowes Gift Card Sign-on Bonus
  • $50 off for referring a friend when they sign a monitoring agreement
  • Plans starting as low as $14.95/month


If you want the DIY experience but the value-added of a professional-grade system, ProTec offers the All-in-One Wireless smart home security system. The system offers the IQ Panel 2 Plus control panel, door, window, motion sensors, and the ability to add more devices, all powered by

Medical Alert

Medical Alert systems, also called Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), help medically compromised individuals live without fear knowing that help is only a push of the button away. Additionally, PERS systems can be used for lone or remote workers providing instant access to 24-hour emergency communication.

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