Emergency Protection for the Elderly

woman walking with elderly family member

Whether you care about a senior citizen or you’re a senior citizen yourself, it’s vital to ensure that any elderly person in your life is cared for. However, even though someone is aging, they can still maintain their freedom to do basic tasks without supervision. With the help of ProTec’s LifeGard Medical Alert Response System, elderly people can maintain their independence while also staying safe.

Help Is One Click Away

Most of the time, seniors live with spouses, children, or caretakers. When other people accompany them, they have direct sources of help in case of any emergencies. However, when the caretakers are away from home, the senior is at risk of harm due to falls, immobility, or other health-related problems. A medical alert system provides medical attention at the click of a button for those who live alone or are left unsupervised for several hours a day.

Life-Saving Benefits

As people age, their bodies tend to experience more physical complications. If an eldery person has been diagnosed with an illness or hospitalized for physical disabilities, they are at higher risk of injuries in the home. The LifeGard System provides medical protection for these individuals when they are home alone. It can be life-saving for you or your loved ones.

Emergency Contacts

Many mobility issues occur as people get older, and the risk of broken bones due to falls increases in the latter years of life. If you’re loved one uses a cane or walker and doesn’t always have direct supervision, then it’s essential for them to have access to immediate medical help. ProTec’s LifeGard gives those who need medical attention an easy way to alert EMS professionals and emergency contacts.

LifeGard protection supplies two devices: a two-way communication device and a panic button for emergencies. This alert system has helped many seniors remain independent and well cared for. Your health matters, and LifeGard looks out for the health of seniors, at-home patients, and people with disabilities. Contact us to start protecting yourself and the ones you love.