Do It Yourself Home Security Made Easy

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Introducing The IQ Panel 2 Plus

The security of your home is always a priority, but many neglect to install a monitoring system as they feel it is too expensive to do so. Protec Security Systems understands the need for budget-conscious solutions and has designed a system that provides home monitoring and automation in a package that can be easily installed without the need for a service expert!

The IQ Panel 2 Plus is a simple, easy-to-use system that provides intelligent home security and automation on a centrally located screen within the home. The 7″ high-definition display is designed to be usable by anyone in the family and keeps the members of the home connected and secure at all times. Along with monitoring, the IQ Panel will also automatically regulate temperature and light usage to ensure that the home is energy efficient, saving money on heating and electricity bills as soon as it is installed.

While At Home

The IQ Panel can automatically detect family members’ arrival via Bluetooth connection to a smartphone and will prepare the house according to programmable presets. The IQ system can also be disarmed by a pin code on the screen and will instantly alert all members of the network of any arrivals. While at home, the screen can be changed to portrait mode, adding beauty and style to your home and in case of an emergency, panic buttons are located on the screen for one-touch contact with fire, police, and ambulance services.

Out Of The Home

The IQ Panel will automatically detect when all members have left the home and will adjust the home for security and efficiency. Once the Bluetooth-connected devices leave the range of the geofence, the IQ system will close and lock the doors, turn off the lights, and adjust the thermostat to ensure the home is safe and efficient until return. While away, the panel will double as a camera and will capture photos and videos of any detected intrusions, as well as any attempted usage of the panel. The IQ panel is constantly connected to the door, window, and motion sensors and can instantly notify family members via text or email of any entry to the home.

Order Now!

The IQ Panel 2 Plus DIY Home Package is available for order today and comes with comprehensive instructions for easy installation. Starting at just $349 this system will provide peace of mind and home monitoring in a package that can be easily adjusted or expanded as required. With backing by, the IQ Panel system can be trusted and counted on just like a professionally installed monitoring system, at a fraction of the cost!

Order your DIY Security System today or contact us with any questions.