Discounted Solutions for Those Who Serve

silhouette of soldiers saluting

At ProTec Security Systems, we understand the conflict of juggling a career and personal life – which may leave your home unattended for extended periods. Military personnel and first responders, who heroically keep us safe throughout the day, often face a vulnerable home when they’re away—a danger that none of us should overlook. That’s why we provide cost-friendly monitored security systems tailored to each house’s requirements! So you can experience peace of mind knowing that your residence is safe even when you’re away.

Keep your precious family, furry friends, and treasured items safeguarded with ProTec’s home security systems. Our local 24-hour watch security team offers more than just a few monitors and keypads – they go the extra mile to ensure that only good times come into your life while bad ones stay far away! So don’t let yourself be taken by surprise by a burglary. Investing in ProTec’s advanced monitored home security systems can fortify your property and keep criminals away for good!

Professional Monitoring and Quick Response Times

If you live in Upstate South Carolina, ProTec is your go-to home security system provider. Our state-of-the-art monitoring center and experienced service technicians are here to provide top-notch responses at a moment’s notice. So you can rely on us for trusted protection every time!

Our monitoring system protects you and your home. It is designed to swiftly detect:

  • Any uninvited guests
  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Motion inside the house
  • Smoke from a fire
  • Toxic levels of carbon monoxide gas

Military and First Responders Discount

ProTec offers an exclusive 20% discount for all military personnel, veterans, and first responders. We are dedicated to honoring those who have served and continue to serve our country. We take immense pride in supporting them with a discount that will help make their homes safe while they heroically put the needs of others first.

Discover the ideal home safety system that fits your budget and safeguards your abode. Transform your home into a bastion of safety with the ProTec Home Security System, which comes with a 20% discount for those who serve our country. Contact us today and let us know a few specifics about your home security system requirements, and we’ll help you find the proper protection for your home.