Comprehensive Protection For Your Home

man illustrating comprehensive home security protection

More and more homeowners are becoming aware of the value offered by home security systems. With just a small investment, homeowners can protect themselves against a multitude of home security issues. These range from the simple theft of parcel packages left on a doorstep to more serious issues such as a home invasion or an issue with the internal components of a home that may lead to a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. With a comprehensive home security system, homeowners can experience peace of mind, knowing that their homes and family members are safe and secure if the worst should occur.

Our Services

As home security experts, we’ve made it our business to protect every aspect of our client’s homes and property. Our solutions against potential threats include all the following:

Home Monitoring

Through an alarm system, video monitoring, and remote door control, our security system can alert a home’s residents to potential issues with package thieves, trespassers, home invaders, as well as “peeping Toms.” Whether residents are at home or away, our monitored security can help deter any potential threat to their home and can provide video proof of suspicious activity for law enforcement to review.

With our proven technologies, including passive infrared motion detectors, high-definition security cameras, angled image sensors, glass break detectors, panic buttons, and discrete door detectors, homeowners will have a formidable self-defense system residing in key areas of the home.

Home and Natural Disaster Security

Sometimes threats come from internal components of a home or natural disasters. This is why we offer security features to protect a home against

Convenient and Discrete

We thoughtfully design our systems to provide discrete yet effective protection, and we make our systems easy to use with no landline required. With smartphone access, family members will have firsthand knowledge right at their fingertips of everything going on around their home and property.

Our 24/7 service response, along with local monitoring, means residents can relax knowing that help is nearby. In addition, most home insurance companies offer significant discounts for homes monitored by a security system. This makes one of our security systems plans all the more affordable.

Securing homes and protecting our client’s family members is the cornerstone of our business. ProTec has been protecting homes, property, and loved ones since 1994 and has become a trusted leader in home security.

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