Benefits of a UL-Approved Monitoring Center

security system monitoring illustrated by a blue digital eye

When you’re choosing a security system company, you want one that comes with a guarantee for all of its services, not just the equipment. Most security companies use standard, commercial hardware that can deter, monitor, and record disturbances around the perimeter of your home and protect the people inside in the event of a medical emergency. But the true value of a company is also in their monitoring center and how quickly they can turn signals and alarms into solutions. Here are some of the standards upheld by an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved monitoring station:

The system itself will be regularly monitored and checked

Some security companies just monitor your home and potential emergencies through the alarm and security systems. But ProTec Security Systems monitor the system itself for proper installation and tests new and previously installed systems for adherence to updated codes. Even if your system was installed five or ten years ago, UL approved companies keep them up-to-date with current regulations.

Each potential situation is codified

The Underwriters Laboratories sets precise standards for communication and response to alarms. In the event of a burglary alarm going off, for example, alarm systems themselves have to meet the standards of communicating with a designated monitoring station either operated by a government contractor or a residential station that complies with Central-Station Alarm Services standards, or the applicable law enforcement agency.

Because Underwriters Laboratories is an independent third party that certifies security system providers, it is the clearest measure of the quality of your company. If you want to learn more about how ProTec Security Systems keeps your home and family safe, contact us here.