Benefits of an Access Control System For Your Business

close up of a hand scanning an i.d. card on an access control panel

Theft and breaches at major organizations now occur regularly, thanks in part to rapid technological evolution. Access control has thus become invaluable to any organization as it enhances security by only allowing authorized personnel access to given resources. ProTec’s access control system has an easy to use interface and, once integrated into your organization, enables you to:

Monitor Employees’ Entry and Exit

The access control system eliminates the need for personal supervision by keeping track of each employee’s entry and exit times. Such knowledge is important as it enhances discipline by ensuring that employees take the hourly policies more seriously, possibly improving workplace productivity.

Restrict Access

Gaining total control over the entry and exit points of the facility is essential in controlling the general flow of traffic in and out of specific locations. For example, perhaps you want the server room only to be accessible to IT staff. You can do this by configuring the control panel to allow IT staff into the server room exclusively. The access control system only allows entry to a facility if the access card credentials from the reader match the configurations set on the control panel. Availing access control products such as electronic keys and locking devices to specific people automatically denies others access to the facility.

Generate In-Depth Reports and Analysis

Information garnered through the access control system can be stored and analyzed to create different reports. For instance, you can easily generate an attendance register using the arrival time of employees. You can also determine the hours worked by each employee. Whereas hours spent in the workplace do not necessarily translate to output, they are one of the determinants of productivity. Given there are timestamps, it is also easy to generate reports on the office space usage patterns by analyzing the number of people accessing the particular space at different times. With such information, the organization can curb resource wastage by establishing appropriate times to turn off the lights or regulate temperature to suit the number of people in the room. Information on the number and specific people in a facility can also prove useful during emergencies.

Provide Total Building Security

Finally, the access control system shields the building from potential intruders and minimizes the risk of theft by making the building inaccessible to those without the required credentials.

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