Avoid These Common Home Security Mistakes

illustration of a burglar looking through a home window

When people think about home security system experts, they will probably think about those who work in the security industry. However, there are also security experts who work to evade a security system. Unfortunately, the number of home invasions that take place yearly continues to rise. Nearly 10 percent of households across the United States have suffered from a break-in or a theft of property.

With so many break-ins taking place in neighborhoods all across the country, it is important that Greenville, SC homeowners become more aware of their surroundings and remain alert and cautious at all times. While having a home security system is a great asset, it is not all you need to ensure your loved ones and your valuables are safe.

There are several things about security that criminals do not want you to know, including the following:

Your Alarm Cannot Alert You If It Is Not On

How many times have you left your home to take a quick trip to the store or to take your children to school? Do you set your alarm each time you take one of those quick trips? We understand that sometimes taking a quick trip means you will return in a matter of minutes, so you may feel the need to set your alarm.

However, that trip to your neighborhood store or your children’s school can give a burglar more than enough time to break into your home and grab a few items. Regardless of how quick you think your trip may be, we encourage you always to set your alarm so it can become a natural routine. You will eventually become accustomed to setting your alarm, and you will set it each time you leave the house.

You Do Not Have To Showcase Your Alarm System

You may think that allowing your alarm system to be seen will prevent someone from attempting to break into your home. However, if your alarm panel can be seen from the outside, it will allow an experienced criminal to determine if your alarm system is armed or disarmed.

Allowing a potential intruder to get a good look at your alarm panel will give them enough time to determine what type of security system you have, and help them to determine their next move. While you may believe it is a good idea to let people know you have a security system, hiding your security panel will leave them in the dark, and they will not know what type of security system you have in place.

Your Neighbors Are Not Always Aware

Many homeowners may feel comfortable leaving their homes unattended for specific periods, especially if they believe their neighbors will alert them if there is a problem. However, some neighbors may not always know when you have left town or when your home is unoccupied.

When you have plans to leave town, we encourage you to inform your neighbors that you will be leaving. When you have armed your security system, and when you have alerted your neighbors that no one should be in your home at any time while you are gone, you will have extra security for your home.

Are you ready to make improvements to your home security strategy to ensure you have the level of protection you need? Contact our home security experts or sign up for a free home security system quote.