Appliance Protection Customized For Your Needs

silver oven refrigerator washing machine and microwave

Affordable Protection

Discovering that your refrigerator has stopped working is a nuisance. Finding out that you could have saved money on repairs by buying a new refrigerator instead is a nightmare. Prevent this from happening to you by purchasing an Appliance Protection program from ProTec Security Systems. We designed our Appliance Protection programs to shield you from excessive repair costs and save you the hassle of finding an available repair technician.

Accessible Protection

With ProTec’s Appliance Protection you will have access to our professional technicians, day or night. We pride ourselves on being available around the clock to handle all of those unfortunate appliance issues. Each time a ProTec repair technician answers a service call, we issue a survey card to that customer. ProTec uses this valuable information for quality assurance purposes in all of our Appliance Protection programs.

Available Packages

ProTec Security Systems offers a variety of Appliance Protection packages. These customizable programs provide you with the appliance coverage you need. The most popular ProTec Appliance Protection program is the Deluxe Package. This program covers major appliances, such as your washer, oven, and central air conditioning unit. Regardless of which Appliance Protection package you procure, if the cost of repairing an appliance exceeds the price of buying it new, ProTec will issue a credit of up to $150 to cover the expense of purchasing a new appliance. Our experts are waiting now to help you with your malfunctioning appliance. Rest assured that the service call of a covered, non-HVAC appliance will always be $25 or less.

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