A Great Way to Start the Year

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Getting fit, staying healthy, eating better, and losing weight are all at the top of our New Year’s resolutions list. Have you considered adding security to your list this year?

A better security system, a beefier security system to provide even more peace of mind, and getting serious about home security for the New Year are all excellent starting points.

Let’s look at the variety of available home security options from ProTec Security Systems and get your home security resolutions off on the right start!

Monitored Home Security Systems

Since 1994, ProTec Security has provided its customers with the latest in home monitoring video and alarm systems. Each system is designed with your needs in mind without breaking your bank account.

ProTec in-home monitoring can be tailored to detect unlawful entry, motion, rising and falling temperatures, and carbon monoxide levels. When something is not quite right, our systems are engineered to start dispatch procedures notifying you and the proper authorities!

Take a moment to consider the available options in your ProTec Security Home Monitoring System.

Monitored Commercial Security Systems

You have worked hard to bring your business from a dream to reality. Now is not the time to settle for sub-standard commercial security systems!

ProTec Security Systems can create a commercial security system that works as hard to protect your business as you did in creating it!

Some of the commercial security system options include;

  • Close Circuit TV and NVR Surveillance
  • Wireless and Hard Wired Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Access Control Through ID Photo Badges/E-Keys/Locking Devices/Readers

ProTec Security has a wide range of commercial security systems, accessories, and services with 24-hour local monitoring.

More Options From ProTec

Security systems are what ProTec has built its business on. Security continues evolving and now spreads to more aspects of your home or business. With services like;

You can see that ProTec is serious about protecting you and what is important to you in the New Year.

Take a moment to contact us or explore our website today and make your security a top priority this year!