7 Reasons to Secure Your Home

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Home security systems are essential in modern homes. They have benefits, like protecting valuables, easy home monitoring, and energy management, among others. The installation of these systems is now easier with the help of home security companies like ProTec.

1. Protect Your Property

Using ProTec Security Systems helps with protecting your property from theft and burglary. Some of the valuables you can protect when you have home security include jewelry, cars, cash, and electronics

2. Access Your Home Remotely

We have modern security systems that enable the user to remotely access their home from our app. This is due to our HD cameras and video monitoring.

3. Fire Alerts

With our security systems, you get notifications of fire emergencies through carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms. This gives you more time to alert the authorities without losing your property. Most of the gases emitted from wood, stoves, and cooking gas cause fire.

4. Control Energy Usage

These home systems help in energy management. This comes with smart home products that help control devices while away.

5. Easily Monitor Kids

Home security systems help with monitoring your kids while you are away. For example, you can know when your kids return from school or who they will invite home. Video monitoring is done through the app with the help of security cameras and keyring ring remotes.

6. Lower Home Insurance

Our security systems lower the homeowner’s insurance savings by 20%. This is lower due to significant discounts issued by insurance companies.

7. Improve Home Automation

This saves time and gets rid of repetitive tasks. Some of the automated tasks include:

  • Remote door control
  • Smart touchpad
  • Control keypad
  • Thermostats

Why Choose ProTec?

  • We have 24/7 customer care service.
  • Affordable to meet any budget.
  • It comes with apps for easy access use.

Feel free to contact our professional team to install a home security system for you.