5 Ways to Boost Local Security for Your Family

cartoon image of thief in house

Do you want to boost local security for your family and property? Are you shopping for an affordable local security system to upgrade your home security to protect your loved ones and property? A home is a safe haven for your family and should be well protected from burglaries, fires, and other threats.

According to a study, an average of 2.5 million burglaries occur yearly. 66% of the burglaries are home break-ins that occur between 10 am and 3 pm when homeowners are away.

The 5 Ways to Boost Local Security for Your Family

Burglaries lead to the loss of valuable property and cause emotional and physical damages or loss of life in extreme cases. Here are some ways homeowners can boost local security to protect property and loved ones:

1. Install Monitored Home Security Systems

A monitored security system secures and monitors your home while on the go to keep your family and property safe 24/7. Monitored home security is an integration of custom-designed video monitoring and alarms systems capable of detecting;

  • Unauthorized entry
  • Temperature
  • Carbon monoxide
  • In-home motion

When a security system detects any of the above triggers, a dispatch procedure is initialized to notify the homeowner and the local security providers to take action.

Monitored security systems can integrate with the following components to enhance security depending on your needs and budget.

  • Passive Infrared Motion Detector: Detects motion around the home
  • Panic Button: Notifies authorities of immediate threats
  • Glass Break Detector: Sends notifications when a window is broken
  • Wireless HD Security Camera: Supports live feeds accessible via different devices
  • Recessed Door Sensor: Sends notifications in case of break-ins
  • Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector: Detects fires

2. Lock Up

Locking your home is a basic rule of thumb for keeping your family and property safe. Always keep your doors bolted up to prevent burglars from making an easy entry into the property. Burglars making an entrance through an unlocked door are less likely to attract attention from your neighbors.

3. Outdoor Lighting with Motion Detectors

Install outdoor lighting to keep your yard and entrances well-lit at night. Burglars frequent dark spaces where they are less likely to be spotted when making an entry or escape. A well-lit home deters burglars keeping your family and property safe.

4. Keep the Yard Clean

Clearing and trimming shrubs and bushes around your home eliminate potential burglars’ hiding spots. A well-kept yard signifies the home owner’s presence. Keep your lawn mower, grill, and other items locked up, for they attract burglars into your home.

5. Know Your Neighbors

Develop good relationships with your neighbors. Community policing boosts local security for your family. Neighbors can help identify suspicious visitors around your home and in the neighborhood. Inform your neighbors when you will be away for an extended period of time. They can help watch over your property and call for help if someone tries to break into your home.

Are you shopping for an effective, efficient, and trusted security system to protect your property and loved ones? Do you want a medical alert system to protect an elderly or loved one with serious health complications at home? Get a free assessment, request a free quote, or schedule a call today. We have affordable local security solutions to protect your loved ones and property.

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