5 Reasons Why Local Home Security is Best in Greenville, SC

Aerial photo of Falls Park in Greenville, SC

According to AreaVibes, crime in Greenville, SC, is 77% higher than the national average, with burglary, theft, and property crime topping the list. The home security system experts at ProTec Security Systems know these stats all too well and are working to lower them by providing smart security solutions to their Greenville neighbors. But one of the biggest questions facing Greenville homeowners when it comes to home security is: Should I go with a national home security brand or with a local company?

The Big Question: National Security Brand or Local Home Security Company?

Here are a few reasons we think ProTec beats out national name brands when it comes to home security:

Local Monitoring

Our 24/7 professional monitoring stations are located right in South Carolina. If an emergency arises, you’ll be speaking with a neighbor, not a stranger.

Low Prices, Top Quality

At just $99 installed, our prices are comparable to the big-name brands, but you won’t sacrifice quality. Our systems are compatible with smart home technology so you can add smart devices like smart lights, smart thermostats, and smart locks into your home systems. Our app is powered by Alarm.com and lets you control your home systems from anywhere.

More for Your Money

Our starter packages include more than many pricier national home security brands. Your base package consists of a keypad, three door and window sensors, and a motion sensor to get you well-secured from the start. Add-ons include carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, security cameras, and more.

Locally Owned and Operated

ProTec is owned and operated by your Greenville, SC neighbors, so everyone from our customer support staff to our security installation technicians is invested in making sure you’re satisfied with your home security experience.

We Offer More

At ProTec, we care about your whole home, not just your home security. We offer additional services like Appliance Protection and Surge Protection so you can work with someone you trust when frustrating appliance issues arise. We also offer Medical Alert systems so you can protect the most vulnerable members of your family.

Learn More

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