5 Essential Benefits of Monitoring Your Business

man holding remote access card in front of door reader

What measures are you taking to protect your commercial enterprise as an investor? Do you want to upgrade your commercial building security from the traditional lock and key entry system? Investors need to adopt scalable and flexible monitored security systems that protect the company property, inventory, and employees. A security system also lowers a business enterprise’s operational and insurance costs.

Here are 5 essential benefits of monitored security systems for your business enterprise:

1. Access Control

Monitored commercial security systems enable tracking of visitor and employee traffic in your facility. In addition, access control protects your business’s trade secrets and sensitive data from exposure by issuing access depending on a person’s security level while monitoring your premises around the clock.

2. Video Recording

A commercial security system not only offers video monitoring but records video by use of digital video recorders. Video can be recorded continuously, triggered by motion detectors, or on a preset schedule. Video recorders enable business enterprises to record and time stamp images for future reference. The footage is stored on on-site or off-site hard drives or cloud-based storage.

3. Reduces Theft

A monitored security system significantly lowers cases of external and internal theft. Hidden cameras can catch rouge employees or customers in the act. Business enterprises can also identify serial shoplifters to deny access to the premises. The presence of cameras can deter employees from unauthorized access to restricted zones.

In case of intrusion, the business owner receives an alert and a live stream from the security system with crystal-clear images of intruders. A business owner can contact security agencies for action to be taken.

4. Boosts Safety and Productivity

Video systems monitor employee behavior to pinpoint inefficient employees or detect unsafe work habits. The video stream lets you understand workflows when streamlining operations. You can use video footage for performance reviews and appraisals or as a training guide when pointing out unsafe work practices.

5. Remote Access Video Monitoring

An efficient monitored commercial security system provides remote access to video monitoring. It is achieved over an internet protocol across public and private networks to transmit live feeds from the security cameras.

A commercial security system allows you to monitor and control video monitoring equipment through a computer, smartphone, or tablet from a remote location.

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