4 Ways to Know If Your Home Security System Has Been Hacked

illustration of a hacker hacking into a home security system

Do a Google search today, and you’ll find lots of ways of protecting your home security system from hackers and burglars. But how do you know if your home security system has been hacked? Here are four of the most common ways you can find out.

1. Invalid Login Credentials

If you attempt to log into your home security apps with no access, that’s a clear sign there’s a security breach. When you log in several times with no access, chances are someone might have changed the login credentials. The best thing to do is to call your home security company to confirm if there’s a security breach. The easiest way someone will hack you is if you use a default password for all your app logins. It’s so easy for someone to guess your password. Make sure you consistently update your login credentials anytime you suspect a problem.

2. Auto Redirects to Unwanted Apps or Pages

Auto-redirection is a common tactics hackers use. This is when you try to access a home security app or a website and you are taken to another app or website without your consent. If every time you try to access a home security app on your smartphone, and this happens, chances are, hackers may have hacked the system or infected it. Most hackers will use a proxy to initiate this so that you won’t know you have been hacked.

3. Fake Protection Alert

Hackers love sending fake warning messages instructing users to download something or install things on their phones and computers. The strategy behind this fake messaging is to have you click or install an app that appears legit or trustworthy. The moment you download or click it, that’s where the damage happens. Now you might ask yourself who would fall for that? Despite what you might think, a lot of people to do it often.

4. Unfamiliar or Unwanted Apps Installed

If you see an unfamiliar app on your phone, that’s a clear sign of a hack. The app or software program can potentially modify or disable other home security programs you may have on your phone. Some apps will even ask your permission. Some won’t. Always make sure to read the app description and licenses before you install.

Ready to Make Your Home Safe

You can make your home security system safe from burglars and hackers. If you are going to do that you need to use ProTec Security Systems, not only do we put heavy emphasis on encryption but we also follow the best practices around IoT devices to reduce the security breaches. Contact us today to learn more about our home security systems and let us help you get the system that works best for your home.