4 Reasons to Add Access Control to Your Home Security System


Our access features allow you to easily and conveniently lock, unlock, and open doors and garages. Best of all, these access features integrate seamlessly into ProTec’s interface so you can control your access from the same smartphone app and in-home panel as your security and automation system. Here are four reasons to add access to your ProTec home security system:

Unique User Codes

With home access, you can provide specific individuals with access codes via their phones and control when they expire. For example, your kids get a code that never expires (until you change it), while the furnace repair tech gets a user code that expires when he leaves. You will also receive alerts when someone enters or leaves your home, and they will be identified individually so you always know who is in your home and when.

No More Hiding Keys

Burglars know to look under welcome mats and inside fake rocks for spare keys. Giving out copies of keys to dog walkers, babysitters, and others is also a security risk because you never know when someone will lose a key. With remote access, you can eliminate the need for spare keys altogether and seriously increase both your security and convenience.

Remote Access and Visibility

Our app lets you see if your garage or other door is open, closed, locked, or unlocked at a glance. Ever get to work just to experience an anxious feeling that you left the garage open? With our access system, you can immediately see if that’s the case and then close and lock the door remotely.

Easy to Customize

Easily customize your access to work for you, exactly how you want it. Receive as many or as few alerts as you’d like, create specific time windows for certain access codes to work, unlock the door for your teen every day at 3pm, etc.

Contact us today to learn more about our home access features, and all the ways we keep your home and family safe.