4 Advantages of Having a Home Security System with Remote Access


Keeping your home safe is a priority, so a home security system has become a real necessity these days. With our busy lifestyles, a security system that’s not only effective but convenient is a must. Technology provides many electronic advantages that now make monitoring your home as easy as tapping a button.

4 Advantages of Having a Home Security System with Remote Access:

Secure Alarms

From any mobile device, you can arm or disarm your alarms, even when you’re not home. Do you need to disarm the system to let a relative or neighbor inside your home? It’s not a problem. Just rearm the system after they leave. If there’s any activity at all detected at your home, you’ll receive a real-time alert, so you can monitor the situation and ensure your property’s security.

Door Control

You can remotely lock or unlock doors. You can even control your garage door. Do you need to open the garage for someone to service your car? Now you can, instead of having to leave your car outside. You can then close the garage door after they’re gone. And no one will get away with picking your locks. If someone unlocks a door at your home, you’ll immediately receive a notification.

Energy Management

Control your lights and thermostat from anywhere. If an unexpected cold front moves in, turn on the heat so it’s toasty warm when you arrive home. Create light schedules so you never have to enter a dark house. The ability to control your lights helps to secure your home by making it look lived in, even when you’re not there.

Video Monitoring

For optimal safety, watch live video of your home so you know what’s going on at all times. You can also view saved security recordings. Schedule recordings based on motion detection or doors opening and receive a video clip when activity occurs, so you can immediately see if there’s a problem.

For more information on home security systems, remote video monitoring, and the advantages of both, contact us today. We care about your safety and can design an affordable custom system to fit your home and lifestyle.