3 Wireless Home Security System Myths

chalkboard with myths and facts written down to describe differences in modern wireless home security systems

Wireless home security systems are too difficult to figure out. Wireless home security systems are too expensive. I do not need a security system because no one will try to break into my home. Unfortunately, these are only a few of the things that many people think about when it comes to home security systems. Many of the home security systems of the past were quite expensive because they involved the use of many wires and required the use of various programs. However, there are differences in today’s home security systems, and we hope we can debunk some of the myths and misconceptions that have been floating around.

Myth 1: The Installation of a Home Security System Is Complex

Untrue. In the past, home security systems depended on plenty of complicated wiring and sophisticated programming to send information from one location to the next. The wiring and programming were also used to supply every device in the system with the power they needed to operate. Today, there are many home security systems that do not require complex programming and wiring in order for them to operate. Today’s home security systems can be powered by batteries, and they can use wireless technology to send signals and communicate to the control panel.

Myth 2: Home Security Systems Are Too Complex To Understand

Untrue. Today’s home security systems have been programmed and designed to be used with smartphones and other mobile devices. The mobile applications that are associated with your wireless home security system can be compatible with the popular iOS and Android systems. The mobile applications can also be used to easily program your security system and effectively monitor different events as they are occurring.

Myth 3: I Can’t Afford A Home Security System

Untrue. All the advances in technology have made it possible for many homeowners to afford a home security system. There are not as many components and wires that are needed to produce today’s home security systems, so this results in a reduction in cost. Homeowners will also not have to worry about the extra costs that are associated with monitoring the security system because your home can be monitored via your mobile device.

Do not let the myths and misconceptions of wireless home security systems prevent you from taking steps to protect your home. Contact us today for more information about our wireless home security system solutions and which one is right for you.