3 Ways We Can Help Your Elderly Parent or Loved One

elderly hand shaking

Do you have an elderly parent or loved one? Whether they live alone or with a caretaker, their lives can be improved tremendously by our systems. Here are three ways we can help.

Home Security and Video Surveillance

Our security systems let you easily see who is coming and going at the home remotely. You or your loved one can easily open the door to let in a caretaker or emergency services. You can also keep tabs on your loved one and make sure everything is okay. This way, they won’t be left alone if they fall and can’t get up.

Remote Home Automation

Being able to turn lights on and off remotely will help prevent slipping and falling. You can also easily turn the temperature on and off remotely. You can program the lights to go on and the heat to go on after dark. You can make sure there is a comfortable temperature in your loved one’s home. Being able to control the lights, temperature, and doors remotely will make life a lot easier for elderly people or anyone who has trouble getting around.

Medical Alert Devices

We also provide medical alert devices. You can choose waterproof wristbands. These make sure that your loved one is never left alone if they slip and fall or otherwise need help. By just clicking a button, they will be connected with our monitoring center and emergency services will be dispatched.

For more information, and for help getting started, contact us today.