3 Ways to Save Energy with Interactive Home Security

house at night with interactive home security lighting

Being able to turn your appliances on and off remotely is one of the main perks of an increasingly smart home security system. You can change your lights with the tap of your smartphone, you can order refills through smart devices, and you can schedule your electronics based on your lifestyle and the calendar. But smart houses can do more than make your life convenient. They can save you energy:

1. Power Down Your Devices During Passive Hours

Vampire devices have always ranked high up on the list of invisible drains on your energy bill. But getting to the root of the problem — unplugging them instead of turning them off or into sleep mode — was usually too inconvenient to maintain. But smart sockets and automated control of your devices mean that you can cut the power when you don’t need the device. This means you can fully cut off the power to computers, printers, televisions and more. That can lead to a lot of energy savings, especially since you spend most of your day asleep or at work.

2. Set the Lights on a Schedule

Vandalism and theft are much less likely to occur when the lights are on. If you’re away from your house on an extended work trip or vacation, don’t leave your house alone and in the dark. Instead, set your lights on a schedule so it looks like you’re home from the outside. This helps reduce the chance of someone breaking and entering while you’re away. Randomizing your light schedule even during regular weekdays can help protect your property.

3. Shut off Your Appliances Remotely

Your home doesn’t just need security from malicious or opportunistic criminals. It needs protection from accidental fires and electrical dangers. Smart homes have better protection because you or your security company can shut down unexpected electrical uses and unsafe surges. If you think you left something running when you left the house, you can check and turn it off. If something shorts or breaks, you can receive an alert.

For more ways that interactive home security can keep your home safer, contact ProTec Security Systems and find the security system that is right for you and your home.