3 Ways Integrating Security with Home Automation Improves Your System

man automating his home security system through his phone

Home automation is usually a great tool for convenience and energy savings. But once you combine it with your home alarm system and security cameras, it can do a lot more to keep your family safe.

How does general home automation help with security?

  • You can use your lights to minimize the risk of a break-in. Most robberies and break-ins take place when the criminals think the risk is lowest, which usually means when no one is home. If you receive an alert that someone has crossed into your property or is testing the doors, you can turn your lights on remotely to ward off the threat even as the police are alerted.
  • The more active sensors your home has, the better your security system can notice a potential problem. If your lights are preprogrammed to stay off when no one is home, receiving an alert of unusual activity can be your first warning that someone’s broken in. And the more comfortable you are with home automation, the more likely you are to have window sensors and other security measures besides a door alarm.
  • A central hub of monitoring and automation gives you greater visibility. If you have separate systems for your lights, thermostat, and security, it can be difficult to keep an eye on everything, especially while you’re at work or on vacation. But having all of your home automation systems routed through a central portal not only makes it easier for you to make changes, it makes it easier for all of your systems to work together to keep your home safe.

Home automation doesn’t just mean being able to program your thermostat and make remote changes. It also means having 24/7 access to your security footage and getting alerts about unexpected conditions. Contact us to learn more about our many options for automating your home and keeping it secure.

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