3 Ways Home Automation Can Help Keep Winter at Bay

homes with snow at night illustration

Winter can be a dreary time, no matter what part of the country you live in. The days are shorter, the weather is chilly, and it seems like a cold epidemic is around every corner. Here are three ways home automation can help keep your home comfortable and cheery during even the darkest part of the year.

Optimizing Your Home Automation For Winter?

Set your lights on a schedule that matches the sunlight

Integrating your lighting system into your home automation comes with a lot of instant perks:

  • you can turn forgotten lights off, even from the office
  • you can program your exterior lights to turn on as you’re entering the driveway
  • you can even monitor energy use

But programming your lights to take sunset into consideration helps stave off the feeling that your days are too short. Instead of having the natural light start to dim and leave your house dark if you’re in the middle of something, you can program your lights to either turn on once sunset approaches or gradually brighten to offset the growing darkness according to customized settings.

Monitor air quality

Home automation systems can monitor temperature and adjust the thermostat, but more advanced systems can also control humidity. Make sure your home’s air quality is kept constant, even with the influx of germs and general dampness.

Set security cameras to automatically switch to night vision

Many video monitoring cameras can be set to have night vision at a set time, but that doesn’t do any good if you set up your cameras in summer and now have a 4 o’clock sunset. Program your automation system to match the changing daylight hours for optimal security.

Home automation systems are getting better and better at matching your individual preferences and how your preferences change throughout the year. ProTec Security Systems can help you customize a home automation system that’s right for your home and lifestyle. Contact our home security specialists today.