3 Reasons Why Wireless Security Deters Burglars

dog biting thief's leg as he tries to get over a fence

It used to be that dogs provided pretty decent security. Then having a professional security system in your home would make your house the safest one on the block. But would-be criminals and burglars are finding new ways to get into your property and steal your things. Whether it’s because of the rapid increase in shipped packages or the easy availability of tools that help criminals get past door locks, standard security isn’t enough. Here are three of the unique advantages of switching to a wireless home security system.

1. Even trained burglars can’t cut it off.

One of the go-to tactics for burglars breaking into a secured home was to cut the alarm. Years ago, alarms were installed around a house’s perimeter to create an immediate, deafening noise. After a few break-ins, most burglars knew where to look to disconnect the alarms. They also knew how to quickly get into your house and disconnect the alarm to the police or security station.

But you can’t sever the line on a wireless system. As soon as it detects a problem, it’s transmitting. There’s also no standard wiring restrictions or likely places to install the control box.

2. Burglars stay away from homes with ‘wireless’ signs.

The best defense is deterrence. That’s why security systems put signs and decals around your house in the first place. Unfortunately, those same signs do give particularly obstinate criminals information. However, criminals know to avoid homes with signs that say ‘wireless.’ That’s too much of a risk, so typically, they’ll move on to easier pastures.

3. Wireless security communicates with you, too.

Criminals also know that wireless systems will give you instant alerts and video feed. They don’t want to interact with you, and they certainly don’t want you to know anything about them. So if you have clearly visible security and cameras, you aren’t a safe target.

Wireless security doesn’t just give you customizable options and smart home integration. It tells criminals to stay away.

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