3 Home Security Tips For Protecting Your Home From Fire


A fire at home is something most of us prefer not to think about, but this can be a serious mistake. By proactively implementing a few simple home fire prevention strategies around the house, you can protect your family, pets, valuables, and home from the unthinkable. Here are three tips for protecting your home from fire:

Install a Fire Alarm System

An armed fire alarm system is your family’s best line of defense when it comes to fire safety. Instead of just relying on smoke detectors which are useless if you aren’t home, a fire alarm system will notify the fire department when it detects signs of a fire. Your fire alarm system can easily be integrated with your home security package, allowing you to control both systems from the same panel and smartphone app.

Buy Fire Extinguishers

You should have a fire extinguisher on every floor of your home. It’s especially important to have one in the kitchen, where the majority of home fires start. Read the instructions that come with your extinguishers and watch videos of people using fire extinguishers so if a fire does break out, you will know exactly what to do.

Implement a Fire Evacuation Plan

It’s a good idea to have a fire evacuation plan in place at home, especially if you have kids. In an actual fire, your family is much more likely to evacuate safely and quickly if you have discussed and practiced how to do so. To get started, you can find fire evacuation plan templates online.

By taking these simple steps to prevent fires at home, you will gain peace of mind. To learn more about our fire alarm and security systems, contact us anytime.