24/7 Protection for Loved Ones

a woman showing an older woman a medical alert system device

As we age, our health and mobility decline, making it difficult to live independently and safely in our own homes. Even though many older adults are cared for by their friends or family, a caretaker may not always be present 24/7. A medical alert system provides security for you and your loved ones by allowing you to quickly and easily access help in an emergency.

A Plan for Emergencies

If you or a loved one is aging and living independently, it is important to have a plan in place in case of an emergency. Our system can provide immediate medical help with the press of a button.

ProTec’s medical alert system connects the wearer to a 24/7 monitoring center. When the wearer presses the button on their medical alert device, an operator at the monitoring center will answer and ask what is wrong. If the wearer needs help, the operator will dispatch emergency services. The device can be worn as a necklace or wristband, and it is waterproof and can be worn all day, every day.

GPS Capabilities

Our new Mobile Personal Emergency Response System makes it easy for the caregiver to manage a loved one’s activity without much hassle. When paired with the RemoteCare 24/7 App, the system provides elite medical protection and monitoring anywhere and anytime.

The Mobile Personal Emergency Response System is:

  • Water resistant – shower safe
  • Emergency fall senor
  • 4G LTE services anywhere in the USA
  • Over four days of battery life
  • Best location services in the industry

The RemoteCare 24/7 App allows:

  • The caregiver to monitor the wearer’s location
  • Emergency call notifications
  • Device low-battery notifications
  • GeoFence capabilities

Having a plan in place is vital to protecting you and your loved ones. The medical alert system provides extra medical security when implemented into the life of a family member.

ProTec’s medical alert system is a great option for those who want to stay independent and live at home safely. The system is easy to use and provides 24/7 monitoring. It also has GPS capabilities, so caregivers can track the wearer’s location.

Contact us today to learn more about our system and how it can help you or your loved one stay safe.